Say it with My Luvkins®

My Luvkins® are more than just napkins.  They are encouragement, happiness, jokes, and (of course) love for your child.  We’ve got oodles of ways to say “I Love You” every single day.  My Luvkins® are a simple touch to any breakfast, lunches, snacks, or dinner.  Your kid will love them!

Over 60 different designs!

The ultimate #MomHack

(Our research shows that My Luvkins® make a great #DadHack too)



Mom Started it all

When I was a little girl, my mom used to leave a note on my napkin for my school lunches everyday.  I’ve continued the tradition with my kids, and it was her love that inspired me to create My Luvkins®.


Mindy Day |  My Luvkins® Founder and CEO

My Luvkins® Are Luved By All

Every mom needs an edge to get it all done while making sure their family knows just how loved they are. My Luvkins® adds an exclamation point to ordinary packed lunches by delivering the perfect dose of humor, encouragement, or love in the middle of the day when our children need it most.

Melissa W.

My Luvkins® are a big part of my girls lunch time. And for me, if I forgot to say I love you before they walked out the door, I knew they’d know at lunch time!


Alexa T.

The environment of school has changed. Knowing my child has a message from me that makes them feel loved when I’m not physically there gives me sense of satisfaction. Doing it with Luvkins is a genuine way, that reduces our time getting out the door each morning!


John D.

Get Your My Luvkins®

It’s easy


My Luvkins® 20-Pack


My Luvkins® are shipped in packs of 20 assorted designs.  Our designs range from funny to encouraging to loving.  Your kid will look forward to finding a new Luvkin in his or her lunch each day.

FREE lunch/snack bag offer (while supplies last)

Order 3 packs or more of My Luvkins® and get a reusable lunch/snack bag from our friend, Sirsi.  (See details below)


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My Luvkins® are shipped in packs of 20 assorted designs.  Our designs range from funny to encouraging to loving.  Your kid will look forward to finding a new My Luvkin in his or her lunch each day.  Each pack contains 20 unique designs with no duplicate designs.  If you are ordering multiple packs we will do our best to be sure you receive packs which include different designs.  We do not allow you to pick your individual designs at this time. 

Sirsi – Free Lunch/Snack Bag Offer

We are proud and excited to introduce you to, Sirsi. Our family has had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua on a few different mission trips. On one particular trip we traveled to Sirsi’s home to pick up hand-sewn uniforms she had been hired to make for students in the community. We were blown away at her talent.

The vision of My Luvkins® is more than just selling napkins. Our visions is to spread love, hope, and restoration as far and wide as possible.

We have partnered with Sirsi and have given her an opportunity to hand sew amazing reusable lunch/snack bags. They are vinyl lined and have a Velcro closure.

Because we love her and you, we have decided to gift you with a free reusable lunch bag with the purchase of 3 or more packs of Luvkins.

There is no USPS in Nicaragua so lunch bags are not guaranteed to be in stock. They will be transported back to the USA with missions teams. We will do our best to keep them in stock.

Thank you for supporting our vision and now Sirsi’s. You now are not only spreading love to your family, but also helping support a women, her small business, and a family in a third world country.

Thank you!

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