How many of you are back to school already?  Our kids recently started and we are getting into the swing of things!

I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things that help us feel ready and safe as we head back this year:

1️⃣ Probiotic bars from Welo Kids … to ensure their tummies are as healthy as can be, during these uncertain times.

2️⃣ Personal utensils from Cute Kid Stuff, to prevent fingers in/near their mouths.

3️⃣ A large water bottle (or multiple bottles!), as the drinking fountains will be closed this year

4️⃣ Comfortable masks (make sure to pack a few each day)

5️⃣ Pocket size hand sanitizer

6️⃣ Personal napkins from My Luvkins, so the kids’ faces are clean, while at the same time I can send a little love & encouragement.

7️⃣ Pencil case with everything they need because kids will not be allowed to use shared items as they have in the past.

8️⃣ Mabel’s Label’s on EVERYTHING to ensure none of their items are mixed up with their friends, lost, or misplaced.

In addition to all of these items, I’ll be sending each of my kids with one of their favorite chapter books in their backpack.  Since there will be no shared books in many school boards this year, I want to make sure my kids have something to read in the event that there is an opportunity during the day.

⭐ PLEASE NOTE: Rules vary between the different school boards, so wait and see what your school tells you on the first day.  You will likely receive a list of suggested items to send with your child.

To all of you heading back after the long weekend, GOOD LUCK!!  Remember that we are all in this together and


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From the author:

HI, I’m Lindsay!  I’m the mom of two big eaters and the face behind Lunches By Lindsay.  I am an elementary school teacher, in Toronto, Canada and I have a passion for healthy eating.  My goal is to teach children and parents that food can be fun and that healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult.  Packing lunches is a job we have to do as parents, so I’ve turned this “job” into my creative outlet, and I hope to inspire other parents to do the same. I have found joy in making lunches, by making them colourful, fun, and overall healthy … and you can do it too!

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