Before my eyes even opened, my ears were alerted to a voice sounding the most familiar of alarms.  “Mom!” echoed off the walls from the lips of my precious, yet poorly timed, child. I am pretty sure I’ve heard that same word 2.3 million more times since, and we aren’t even bellied up to the lunch table yet.

Mom, the word we can’t wait to hear. Mom, the title so many of us ached to have bestowed upon us. Mom, the job we were certain would be so much easier than it was portrayed by everyone who had actually been a mom before. #IYKYK

Here is the thing, we all know this mom-ing role isn’t easy. As a matter of fact it is the most challenging role, I personally, have ever taken on. Can I get an amen?!

Caregiver burnout is real. We acknowledge it in every setting except motherhood, and we stand back and watch the flames. Sometimes we even pour on the gas of judgement and condemnation.

I am currently reading the book ‘Parenting Your Powerful Child’ by Dr. Kevin Leman, and so far I am recommending it to everyone because, if I haven’t made my point, raising kids is hard!
I get you. You hear my son talk back, and you watch as I turn my back and choose to walk away rather than engage in the argument.

“What is she doing? My kids would never get away with that?!”

You’ve been on both sides of this one. Right? You can admit it.

Now here is the thing, I know, more than anyone else on this planet, what makes my son tick. Just as you know your kids better than anyone else. You may parent your kids differently than I do or how Jane does down the street, and that doesn’t make her way, your way, or my way the “right way”. What matters is we are all doing what is right for our families in the best best way we know how.

Sure being a mom isn’t easy but remember this, you were chosen, for them, for this very moment! (Oh – and so am I. So is she.)

So let’s step back, put all the guilt, shame, criticism, and comparison away once and for all. Let’s acknowledge the basic fact that the choices made by a mother in the moment you are casually observing from the outside are being made because of situations onlookers know nothing about, with knowledge you are oblivious to, and with every bit of everything that mama has. What grace is necessary? What judgment isn’t? 

We can, and we are, doing this! And if you ask me, we are doing an incredible job.


With Love,


CEO My Luvkins