We recently hit the road to visit our oldest at college- yay! It was a a long 8 weeks without seeing her. It was also our little two’s first time visiting campus. So. Much. Fun!

With that said, I knew the car ride getting there wouldn’t be that… fun!  Our kids are actually decent travelers but 7 hours in the car is loonnggg!

One thing I despise is gas station snacks. Its a complete rip off, the kids want alll the junk, and when we are traveling, I just want to get there!

I had seen this #momhack on Pinterest and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to become the coolest. mom ever.

About an hour into the car ride and there it came, “Mom, I’m hungry!” I was actually almost excited to hear it this time because I was about to knock my kids socks off!

The timing was perfect, we were filling the car up with gas. This avoided the trip into the dingy gas station and bellies would be satisfied. I looked at my husband, who at this point was equally eager to show the kids the surprise, and we grabbed their boxes from the cooler.

You should of seen their faces! It was silent for about 10 seconds (that’s a long time for our kids!) as they stared at the treats before them! #momgoals !!

We handed each kid a case filled with all kinds of goodies!

“This is the best!”

“No way?!”

“Where did you get these?!”

“Thank you so much, mommy!”

… were just a few of their exclamations!

So what was it you ask? A $2.59 case from the outdoor section at Walmart and goodies from our pantry cut to size!

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it was probably one of the smartest and coolest thing I have done as a mom!

No gas station snacks, money saved, full bellies, we kept the car moving,  and the kids got to graze and snack on different options the whole ride there. BRILLIANT!

I washed the storage containers when we got home and into the cupboard they went! We can now use them over and over again and I can continue to be  “the best mom ever!”

Give it a try!

What traveling #momhacks do you have up your sleeve? Many of us will be traveling in the upcoming months for Thanksgiving and Christmas (yes, I said it- it will be here before we know it!) and I would love to create a blog post of all the ways to make traveling easier with kids!

Would you drop your hacks in the comments?  I would love to hear from you!

Happy traveling and keep crushing motherhood one road trip at a time!


With Love,


CEO My Luvkins