It felt like I had just fallen asleep when I was awoken to the most vivid dream.

I was standing outside in a large bright open field and it began to rain Luvkins. Literally, napkins were raining from the sky. As the napkins fell and slowly drifted to hands reach, people were grabbing them. They were running around, laughing and smiling scooping up a Luvkin then running over to sit down at a really, long wooden table. I watched as the people at the table took turns reading their Luvkins to one another. They were laughing and smiling, even a few crying with joy as they read words like “you are enough” and “I am so proud of you”.

There were a few people standing at the end of the table, this small group didn’t sit at the table and they appeared sad. They held their Luvkin in their hand almost unsure if they should read it. One by one someone would stand from the wooden table and walk over to the little group. They would read their Luvkin to them. I watched as their facial expression would change, I could see the joy begin to overcome their sorrow. It was like a ripple effect of happiness that spread through this little group. After one would read their Luvkin, the anticipation would build as it approached the next. It was almost as though these people were reading or hearing these truths about themselves for the very first time. I watched as their excitement grew, waiting for it to be their turn to hear someone speak positivity over them. Heads that originally were hanging low, were lifted and frowns turned to the sincerest smiles.

After this small group finished, I watched as they confidently walked over to take a seat at the long wooden table. The happiness at that table was infectious.

Seems bazaar I know. My heart and spirit were stirring as I lay in bed wide awake from this dream.

Then it hit me. How true is this. Our mouths are the rain. On average we say around 16,000 words a day, words flow out of ours mouths like a steady rainfall. How are we choosing to use up those 16,000 words? When we speak, we can bring smiles to faces and unity to a group. We can invite people “to our table” or we can choose to slam the door. In my dream, I watched these people smiling as they gathered around the table.
I began to image how much different this would look if they were reading or hearing words of negativity. No way would they be coming to sit at the same table. No way would they be smiling and radiating love and peace. Are we welcoming people to our table when we speak?

As I laid there, I began to evaluate my relationships.

What rain am I pouring down on my children? Are my words building them up or are they more often then not hearing frustration and disappointment in my voice?

How about my marriage? Does my husband know how valued he is? Am I an encouragement to him? When he isn’t there, am I speaking of him as if he is?
My friends and coworkers? Do my words tend to uplift or am I too quick to step into the realm of gossip and negativity?

What about the stranger that we haven’t met yet? When they listen to us from afar would they even want a spot at our table? Are we taking the time to talk to them and invite them in?

Our words are power. I don’t know about you, but I want to build a really long table and I want my family, friends, and even strangers I haven’t met yet to know they always have a seat. So, will you join me? Let’s rain down words that build one another up and let’s challenge ourselves to fill up our really long wooden tables.

You are enough.



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