…you know, the Instagram “friends” you follow, and their entire page is motivational quotes or stances they take. Great for them BUT is it a reflection of their daily walk?

Hear me out here… I love a good quote or inspirational post! Afterall, what is My Luvkins®… motivational quotes! But it is one thing to make those constant posts and just end there.

What if every day I put an encouraging napkin in my kids’ lunches like “you make me laugh when____________” and I never took the time to sit with my kids and laugh?

What if it is posting about a change you want to see happen? Sure, you can post about it but if you stop there… you are doing nothing. “Raising awareness” … possibly… if you want to call it that or maybe quite possibly you are just stirring the “social media pot”.

It’s no different than making a post on “becoming the best me…” and never taking any action to become that person.

Maybe its an organization or group you “stand up for” on social media yet you take no literal action steps to help make a change.


Our words become stagnant. Just that… words. Words only go so far if action is not closely following.


Let us not be those people! Let us post those motivational and inspiring quotes and then put in the work that goes with it! That is when true change happens!



With Love,


CEO My Luvkins