It’s those dreaded statements, “Mom, I’m bored!” My body responds instantly with irritation. Oh. My. Word. If I hear it one more time I may just lose it. Literally, I can feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Seriously, all these toys and you come to me saying you’re bored?

We live in Pennsylvania, and it has been a brutal winter. On the upside, this year’s snow pants and boots have gotten some good use before they are too small next year. So in their defense, this winter has been long! I am bored too. I feel like all my creativity has been sucked dry, and I can’t come up with another play-doh sculpture to blow their mind.

Even if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere that the sun is always shining because you’re a mom – you hear those words, too. I want to share a really quick game with you, to tuck away for the next time your kiddo grumbles the dreaded. We like to call it “Wacky Scavenger Hunt”. All you need are some notecards, post-it notes, or even scrap paper will do. And a pen. That’s it! If your children are school age they can participate in the creation of the game. Throwing in a little education when they think it’s all fun nets you some serious bonus points.

Start by making 2 piles of cards. Each card will have 1 word written on it. One stack will be adjectives and the other nouns. Here are some examples… Adjectives: small, old, pink, smooth, new, plastic, smelly, blue, metal, cold, scratchy.  Nouns: fruit, flower, shoe, make-up, soap, pillow, toy, musical instrument, crayon. You get the idea. If your child isn’t old enough to help come up with the words, go ahead and do this ahead of time.

Are you ready for the fun part? Stack the 2 piles upside down separated by noun and adjective. Your child picks 2 cards (one from each stack) and then they hunt around the house to find it! For example, they may have gotten “scratchy pillow”. They find the object and bring it back to you or the sibling they are playing with (multiple children in the home is an even greater bonus so you can totally check out for a few- enjoy it, momma. You deserve a break!)

The game can get hilarious as they try their hardest to explain to you what it is that makes the perfectly soft, decorative pillow they came running back with “scratchy”. This game has me almost convinced that my middle child may have a future in law. She is convincing!

You can set a timer and give points for each object found in time or forgo points altogether, the game is now in your “Mom bag of tricks” so go ahead and get creative with it.

As I’m writing this, the sun is shining in. It’s a great reminder that spring is coming, and it is just what I needed today. I hope this little game pops into your memory the next time you hear the “I’m bored” groan. Flip that superpower mom cape and pat yourself on the back, you are doing a great job!

I have to run, its almost dinner time and I can hear it now “Mom, I’m hungry!” More on that to come…

You are enough.


With Love,


CEO My Luvkins