Do you know those dreams that you wake up from and they have you wondering, “was that real”? I had one of those dreams last night, so bear with me as I try to paint that picture for you, as real as it felt for me.

So, in my dream I was standing before a massive tree, like I’m talking a tree that touched the clouds, and at the top of the tree were all these words. Words like confident, brave, bold, content, patient, kind… you get the point; they were beautiful words. Then at the bottom of the tree it was filled with words like comparison, anxiety, fear, doubt… words that instantly bring up a negative emotion.

So, as I was standing before the tree, I realized that I could reach up and would easily be able to grab the words at the bottom portion of the tree. I knew with my size, in comparison to the tree, it was going to take more work and more effort to reach the words at the top, so I reached out my arms and behold the craziness of the dream, my arms grew (do you remember the toy stretch Armstrong?) … that’s what my arms were like! As I reached up to grab one of the words at the top, I was able to! My arms just went on and on and on. I began to grab all those positive affirmation words and as I was doing so, I could feel my mindset shift. I could feel my energy shift. I could feel my mindset and my mentality taking on the persona of those words I was grabbing.

Then I woke up.

So, what was my takeaway from this? The words at the bottom of the tree would’ve been super easy for me to grab, and as I thought about it, those are the words (the negative ones) I unfortunately tend to easily grab ahold of. It’s easy to believe those words about yourself as truth (I know it is for me anyway) and overtime that negative talk becomes our own made-up identity. It could stem from a comment someone has said to you, or maybe it’s a doubt that you’ve made up in your mind. Regardless, it’s easy to “grab” those words and hold onto them.

On the flipside, if we do the inner work and stretch our mindset (like my stretch Armstrong arms did for me!), we can replace those negative words and thoughts about ourselves and therefore change our inner self belief and identity.

Over time we become who we tell ourselves we are!

As I woke up this morning and I begin to think about those words at the top of the tree, I wrote them on a post-it note and I stuck it to my computer. From now on, every single morning, I’m going to fill my mind with THOSE words, those positive affirmations. I believe as I read those words day after day, I’m going to continue to become that person, replacing the negative self-trash talk to become the best me that I can be!

I’m curious, ‘what low bearing words’ have you easily grabbed onto? What words are you willing and wanting to stretch a little bit farther for and allow yourself to believe as your identity and truth?

I hope this encourages you. Drop your thoughts below and let me know what you are thinking. Let’s hash this out together!

You are enough.

With Love,

CEO My Luvkins