I don’t know about you but now that things are “open” again, our schedule on the other hand, not so much!

Our oldest is a senior in high school and is graduating next week (WHAT??), our middle is busy with soccer (rest assured she no longer wears a tutu to soccer practice), and our little man is having  a blast on the baseball field (I mean his tiny little body in a catchers uniform, melt!).


These years are THE BEST. I would rather our kids be on the move than be lumps at home, but it does come with a sacrifice of some family time.


Since our time at home (together) has gotten much less frequent, we are making a point to be intentional with the moments we do have!


This conversation starter “game” is great for after school pick up on the way home, eating dinner around the table (what even is that any more?), before bed, in the car on the way home from soccer… anywhere you can sneak it in!



Brief little moments, checking in with our kids, is just what my momma heart needs. We may be “busy” but I refuse to get too busy to miss these opportunities!


I would love to hear back from you! Drop one of your kiddos sweet little responses in the comment box below


You are enough.



With Love,


CEO My Luvkins