I don’t know about you but some days the beautiful blessing of “wearing all the titles” can quietly become smudged into a burden.

I’ll be honest, lately I have been feeling it.
•Business owner
•House keeper
•Taxi driver
•Homework/study helper

This list goes on and on.
I’m learning and recognizing more and more
I. Can. Not. Do. It. All.

This is a reminder to myself and you as well.
We have to ask for help. We have to. In order to recognize all these titles for what they are, blessings, we need to balance our time and energy.
So today, I am making a very clear list. I am making a priority list of what I want and need to be available for and tasks I want and need help with.
I encourage you to do the same. Asking for help is not a weakness, it simply opens us up and allows us to be available to focus on the beautiful things right in front of and before us.

Here are some things I have allowed to help ease the list:
•Allowing someone to come in every 2 weeks and deep clean our home
•Asking my husband to get the groceries
•Hiring someone to do ironing
•Hiring additional help for My Luvkins
•Setting a clear, focused retirement date from my nursing career (yes! I said it!)

What I am focusing on today:
•Getting back to making a meal plan
•Making a to-do list with my hubby- I can’t expect him to know what’s on my mind and what I would like done, if I haven’t vocalized it (a to-do list works for us)
•Organizing a daily work flow sheet for myself

What have you delegated that has allowed you to lessen the load and see your title list as a blessing rather than a burden? Please drop your suggestions in the comments… I don’t know about you, but I will take all the suggestions I can get!

You are enough!

With Love,

Mindy, CEO My Luvkins