Mom Started it all

Growing up, there wasn’t a lunch packed in our house that didn’t include a napkin love note, signed from our mom. To her, I’m sure they were just notes, but to me it was something daily I looked forward to.

Naturally, when I began having children, they received napkin love notes too! Here’s the truth in it- as a momma to 3 children, mornings can get crazy. Sometimes breakfast is eaten in the car and leftovers thrown into lunchbox is the best I can do.

Days when I just didn’t have time for the note, our kids would come home asking about it. I realized, as much as I looked forward to those notes growing up, my kids do too!

Words are power, and if I have an opportunity in the middle of my kids day to let them know they are thought of, loved, and important- that napkin love note needs to happen.

That’s when My Luvkins ®️ was born.

Knowing the impact these notes had on my life and now my children’s, we wanted to provide a simple solution on the busy mornings, all while speaking love and life into your child's day... one lunchbox love note at a time.

While I found myself tucking these notes into my kids lunchboxes the main man in my life couldn’t go without! Our Adult Collection is a fun way to add some energy and excitement into your relationship. I’m all about speaking that kind of love too. 😉 The kids don’t get all the fun!

Thank you for taking the time to be here. Thank you for being part of a movement that I promise you has an impact on your child’s day and lifetime.

You are enough.


Mindy Day

My Luvkins® Founder and CEO

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